Happy Release Day! DINER IMPOSSIBLE by Terri L. Austin

Happy Release Day! DINER IMPOSSIBLE by Terri L. Austin

DINER IMPOSSIBLECelebrating her THIRD book release, we’re excited to be chatting with Henery’s first published author, Terri L. Austin.  In this exclusive HP interview, Terri compares the release of her first book with the release of her third, the necessity of white noise in the background, and her almost red leather purchase.

HP:  Congratulations on the release of DINER IMPOSSIBLE! Release days are always very exciting and in just three weeks, you’ll be celebrating another one. Your novella “Diners Keepers, Losers Weepers” will premier in the HEARTACHE MOTEL anthology December 10, 2013. How do you normally spend your release days?

TA:  Thanks! I usually have a blog tour in the works, but mostly, I spend the day working. It keeps my nerves to a minimum and I tell myself I’m being productive at the same time.

HP:  DINERS, DIVES, & DEAD ENDS was the first Henery Press mystery to enter the world. It’s more than a year later and you’ve just released DINER IMPOSSIBLE, the third in the Rose Strickland series. Congratulations cannot be said enough! How is this release day different from the first?

TA:  Your first book is like having your first child, but without the crying. Mostly. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was a bundle of nerves. With the second book, I kept myself busy, writing throughout the day. I imagine release day gets easier with each book. At least that’s what I tell myself!

HP:  As a self-proclaimed ‘empty nester,’ have you embraced the quiet? Or just created a new kind of noise?

TA:  I have a white noise machine going at all times. I think I write better with a consistent noise in the background. My friends tell me they listen to theme music or watch TV while writing. I wish I could do that, but I can’t. White noise is as crazy as I get.

HP:  I read that you are a collector of watches. Which one from your collection would you consider to be the best find?Twitter-00

TA:  I just bought two more today! I bought a lovely, chunky rose gold chain watch that I’m dying to wear. I saw a red leather watch with studs the other day. I managed to pass it up, but it was difficult.

HP:  In DINER IMPOSSIBLE, or in any of the Rose Strickland mysteries, I really admire the tight friendship between Rose, Roxy, Axton, and even Stoner Joe. Do you have a similar Rat Pack you belong to?

TA:  I do. My girls are always there for me. They may not be as eccentric as Rose and her crew, but they’re every bit as loyal. I’m lucky to have them in my life.

HP:  Upon completing a draft, you’ve said you always make sure to send it out to beta readers for critiques before submission. Do you use the same betas consistently or do you prefer to mix it up?

TA:  I usually send it to the same core people every time. Occasionally, I might throw another opinion into the bunch, but I’ve developed a trust with my betas. That’s the key, I think: trust.

HP:  Finally, tell us your favorite mystery and what draws you to that particular author and the genre as a whole.

TA:  My all-time fave is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. I was in seventh grade and I never saw the end coming. Mysteries are great because they allow the reader to become an armchair detective. I love trying to figure out the bad guy before the hero does. That’s part of the fun!


  1. Barbara Tobey says:

    Hilarious book.

  2. Loved it, Terri! You rock!

  3. Congrats on Rose #3!

  4. Charles Oliver says:

    Waiting for Terri Austin next Rose Strickland Book.. Thanks for the great entertainment

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