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Early readers, reviewers, media professionals, bloggers, booksellers, educators and librarians, we’re looking at you! Our upcoming releases are now available on NetGalley. Simply logon to your NetGalley account and “request” the titles you’re interested in: Henery Press NetGalley Titles.

While the following info isn’t necessary, it makes approvals much easier. Simply provide your preferred genres, plus the following credentials, in your profile, according to the most appropriate category:


* Name and location of your store/library/school/book club

* Your position with said store/library/school/book club


* Link to your book review blog

* Your email so we may follow up

* Number of unique visitors: monthly

* Number of reviews posted: weekly

* Number of followers

Media Professionals/Reviewers:

* A link to your media outlet

* Your email should we wish to reach you

* Freelance reviewers: please include media outlets you write for and links to your work

Casual Reviewers

* Approximately how many reviews you’ve posted

* Where you post your reviews

* Link to sample reviews

** Posting Reviews **

We respectfully request you forward the full copy of your finished review to: media (at) henerypress (dot) com as soon as it’s available so we may use it in pre-publication media, but kindly refrain from publicly posting the review until 7 days prior to the release date.

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