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Pin It to Win ItHey Peeps!

It’s Pin It to Win It Book Hunt! Here’s how it works: We’ll post a Book Hunt list for a particular Henery Press book. You’ll pop on over to Pinterest, create a board with all your found goodies, post a link to our Facebook page, then cross your chicken fingers that you’ll win the prizes (good prizes, too).

Pretty cool, right? The first Pin It to Win It contest starts Monday, February 4. So if you love Pinterest, or have been dying to try it (beware: it is ADDICTING), now’s your chance to showcase your scavenger hunting talent. And then WIN!

Pin It to Win It Rules

Judging is subjective, but we’ve created three quick rules to keep things fair.

1. Must pin the book cover with a link to the book’s buy page on a Amazon’s website

2. Must pin all items on the Book Hunt list – but the more pins added off the list, the better the board (still related to the book)!

3. Boards must be completed and posted to the Henery Press Facebook page by Midnight (CST) on the final date of the contest

Pin It to Win It Board ** EXAMPLE **

We created a sample board on Pinterest as if we held a contest for ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Lewis Carroll. Using our example Book Hunt list, we built a board for Alice’s world and a handful of the quirky characters she meets in Wonderland. Not only did we pin a picture for everything on the list, we added colorful, whimsical, delightful images reminiscent of her adventure. Note: this is just an example, not the real contest!

** EXAMPLE ** ALICE IN WONDERLAND Pin It to Win It Book Hunt List

· Teacups

· Drink me bottle

· Eat me snack

· White Rabbit

· Queen of hearts

· Rose bush

· Mad hatter

· Stopwatch

· Alice

· Caterpillar

· Alice’s kitten

· Cheshire Cat

· Wonderland

· Deck of cards

· Croquet set

Check out what we came up with:

Final Notes

Check the Henery Press website on Monday, February 4, 2013 for all the details on the first Pin It to Win It Book Hunt contest! We’ll have the book title, scavenger list, prize package, and all the pertinent dates. As always, feel free to ask questions, make comments, sing praises, cluck like a chicken, and flap those feathers!


  1. This is the COOLEST idea! I love all the innovation that comes out of the Hen House!

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