How to Become a Henery Press Author

Browse our catalog, read the blurb, read an excerpt, read the book. If you think your manuscript fits right in, then please, give it a shot. We get pretty excited when new little birdies join the Hen House.


Be sure to check out our monthly SUBS SPREE: Submissions With Benefits. Details on Facebook – and NOTE: those subs go to a different email address!

What do we want?

Pretty much what every publisher wants: A tight story with interesting details and lively characters.

– We accept novellas and novels.

– We’re particularly interested in series for all mystery genres.

– Your manuscript need not be new: we consider previously published work, including your backlist.

– We accept simultaneous submissions.

– We accept agented and unagented submissions.


* Mystery (all subgenres including traditional, humorous, light paranormal, and cozy).

* Chick Lit (yeah, we said it)

– No YA or Middle Grade submissions

Manuscript Format

Standard formatting: Times New Roman 12 point font with 1 inch margins, double-spaced.  Name, title and page numbers in the header at the top of each page.

Submission Package:

Email submissions only.

The subject line must be as follows: Last Name, Genre, Title.

– Example: GRAFTON Mystery A IS FOR ALIBI

Body of email:

– Include the word count, genre, title and a short but intriguing blurb.

– Introduce yourself with a short bio (nothing fancy, this need not be a resume), and be sure to note your social networking presence (website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, some other medium that’s just been invented, etc.).

– Indicate if your manuscript is part of a series and note the series status (if this is the first book, with books two and three complete, or perhaps book two is in the draft stage, etc.).

– If this manuscript was previously published, indicate the publisher and publish date.

– Attach the entire manuscript as either a Word .doc or .txt file.


subs (at) henerypress (dot) com

Quick Tip:

Submit when the story is ready, not when you’re ready.  Make sure you’ve gone through the entire process: first draft, edits, revisions, edits, more edits, a few more edits, then a quick polish.  Now submit for critiques (folks who will critique it honestly, not just pat you on the head) and let it percolate while you wait (write the next in the series!).  Get it back, think carefully about the comments and suggestions, and revise like nobody’s business.

Once you’ve tightened that baby within an inch of its life, polish it until sparkles.  Carefully weed out grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, word mix-ups (like there and their) and typos.  Take your time and make it shine.


Submissions currently take 5-6 weeks.

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