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Review: Still Life in Brunswick Stew


Title: Still Life in Brunswick StewSTILL LIFE IN BRUNSWICK STEW
Author: Larissa Reinhart
Series: Book 2 of the Cherry Tucker Mysteries
Publisher: Henery Press
ISBN: 978-1938383403
Reviewed by: Tess Tipton
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This book finds Cherry Tucker in the middle of an investigation into the death of her best friend Eloise. It seems that Eloise has ingested way too many cups of famous Brunswick Stew at the local arts and crafts festival. Cherry, who is a struggling painter and Eloise ,who makes Raku pottery are sharing a booth, much as they have shared their lives since elementary school.

Cherry takes us thru small town after small town in search of the REAL answer to the death of her dear friend. We find Cherry investigating not only the poisoining, but also a fight between land owners who also happen to be related to one an other. We encounters a stubborn teen-ager, a feisty senior citizen who is Cherry’s granddad’s latest flame, a hunky cop, (aren’t they all), and a business man who may or may not be all he seems to be.

Larissa writes with a fast paced style that caught my attention quickly. Her 3rd book in the series, Hijack in Abstract comes out in November, make sure it’s in your stack of TBR, I know it will be in mine!


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Larissa Reinhart’s Portrait of a Dead Guy Tour, Review and Giveaway


Portrait of a Dead Guy Tour

I’m so happy to be today’s tour stop on the Portrait of a Dead Guy Tour! Here’s a look at the book plus a chance to enter an awesome giveaway.
Portrait of a Dead Guy

Portrait of a Dead Guy
Series: A Cherry Tucker Mystery #1
Source: Purchased
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

In Halo, Georgia, folks know Cherry Tucker as big in mouth, small in stature, and able to sketch a portrait faster than kudzu climbs telephone poles — but commissions are scarce. So when the well-heeled Branson family wants to memorialize their murdered son in a coffin portrait, Cherry scrambles to win their patronage from her small town rival.
As the clock ticks toward the deadline, Cherry faces more trouble than just a controversial subject. Between ex-boyfriends, her flaky family, an illegal gambling ring, and outwitting a killer on a spree, Cherry find herself painted into a corner she’ll be lucky to survive.

My Review:

If there’s such a thing as a chick-lit mystery, then Portrait of a Dead Guy fits right in. Cherry Tucker isn’t much of a detective…just a starving artist in small-town Georgia trying to make sure that she gets paid for the commission she worked so hard to get. The more she tries to finish her painting, the deeper Cherry gets sucked into the mystery of who killed one of Halo’s local sons.

Larissa Reinhart’s world building is so vivid that you can practically taste the sweet tea. Growing up in small Southern towns myself, the town and its inhabitants reminded me of my own childhood. It’s true what they say too, when you grow up in a small town, everyone knows everything about you and your family going back multiple generations. And poor Cherry has her own past actions (she’s been known to be a bit boy crazy) to live down. It doesn’t help that she’s a spitfire stuffed into a small packed with plenty of attitude to go around.

All the characters are well developed and filled with quintessential Southern charm (which you might call slight craziness). Throw in plenty of humor, a couple of hot hunks, and more twists and turns than a greased pig and I became an instant fan.

I can’t wait for book #2, Still Life in Brunswick Stew! Fortunately comes out in just a couple weeks-May 21, 2013. You need to make sure that it’s on your TBR too!

Available at:

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More about Larissa:

Larissa ReinhartLarissa Reinhart loves small town characters, particularly sassy women with a penchant for trouble. STILL LIFE IN BRUNSWICK STEW (May 2013) is the second in the Cherry Tucker Mystery Series. The first, PORTRAIT OF A DEAD GUY, is a 2012 Daphne du Maurier finalist, a 2012 The Emily finalist, and a 2011 Dixie Kane Memorial winner. Expect HIJACK IN ABSTRACT and a Cherry Tucker novella in THE HEARTACHE MOTEL out in November and December 2013.
She lives near Atlanta with her minions and Cairn Terrier, Biscuit. Visit her website; her expat blog; or find her chatting with the Little Read Hens on Facebook; at her Facebook page; Twitter; and Goodreads
Larissa Reinhardt’s
Portrait of A Dead Guy
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Larissa is giving away the following prizes on her tour:

Grand Prize: (1) $20.00 Visa Gift Card

Runner-Up: (1) eBook of Portrait of a Dead Guy

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Dead Guys, Sassy Sleuths, and Southern Charm

on April 17, 2013

Larissa Reinhart is with me today discussing her writing life, her muse, and her book PORTRAIT OF A DEAD GUY.

I recently finished reading this little gem, and what a gem it was!


Please see my review of it here:

PORTRAIT OF A DEAD GUY was such a good read! And for me,   it was all about character. Larissa Reinhart has created some unbelievably   vivid characters…and they come to life in every quirky scene. The main   character, Cherry Tucker, is back in her small town of Halo, Georgia after   attending art school in sophisticated Savannah. And as she competes for the   commission of painting a portrait of a dead guy, the reader gets to know   Cherry and the other townsfolk. In Halo, it seems that everyone has a   skeleton in their closet, Cherry included. A cross between an episode of In   The Heat of The Night and My Cousin Vinny, I found the descriptions of the   town as well as the kin folk who reside there to be endearing if not absurd   at times. So many priceless metaphors in the dialog and descriptors make this   an absolutely fun read from beginning to end. And there is a mystery, to   boot!

This book comes with some book club questions at the end, which might be fun   to talk about as a group too. I enjoyed this read a lot, and look forward to   the next installment in the Cherry Tucker Mysteries. [Read more...]

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Malicious Masquerade

Alan_CuppWith his new mystery/suspense release, Malicious Masquerade, just hitting the shelves, Author Alan Cupp met with me to talk about life and his love of writing.

Whether it’s with a captivating mystery novel or a funny promotional video for his church, Alan is always anticipating his next creative endeavor. In addition to writing fiction, Alan enjoys acting, music, travel, and playing sports. His life’s motto is, “It’s better to wear out than rust out.” Alan places a high value on time spent with his beautiful wife and their two sons. He lives his life according to his 4F philosophy: Faith, Family, Friends, and Fun. [Read more...]

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Book Review: Alan Cupp’s Malicious Masquerade


MALICIOUS MASQUERADE giveawayTitle: Malicious Masquerade
Author: Alan Cupp
Genre: Mystery
Rating: 4 out of 5
My Copy: Advance Reader Copy via NetGalley courtesy of Henery Press

Where is Tyler Moore? That’s the question Alan Cupp has us asking in Malicious Masquerade. When Jasper Bedford’s daughter, Cindy, is jilted at the altar, Jasper begins to wonder if something may have happened to Tyler. Jasper quickly assembles a search team and the results surprise him, yet yield little information as to Tyler’s whereabouts. Unbeknownst to Jasper, Cindy hires a private investigator to find Tyler because she believes something must have happened to him. Jasper tries to convince Cindy of the truth: Tyler used her for monetary gain; despite showing her evidence of his guilt, she doesn’t believe it. When she meets with Carter Mays, the Chicago PI she hires, she’s convinced he can find Tyler within days and Carter is unsure if he wants to take this case. He has a reason to be suspicious: the authorities haven’t been alerted to Tyler’s disappearance. The deeper Carter digs, the more he uncovers and soon he’s questioning who he can trust. [Read more...]

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Looking for Tour Hosts: Portrait of a Dead Guy Book Tour with Larissa Reinhart

portraitofatourWe are thrilled to announce that we are organizing a book tour with Larissa Reinhart, author of Portrait of a Dead Guy. This tour will run in April (exact dates to be confirmed) and will promote the first book in this series.

In Halo, Georgia, folks know Cherry Tucker as big in mouth, small in stature, and able to sketch a portrait faster than buckshot rips from a ten gauge — but commissions are scarce. So when the well-heeled Branson family wants to memorialize their murdered son in a coffin portrait, Cherry scrambles to win their patronage from her small town rival. 

As the clock ticks toward the deadline, Cherry faces more trouble than just a controversial subject. Between ex-boyfriends, her flaky family, an illegal gambling ring, and outwitting a killer on a spree, Cherry finds herself painted into a corner she’ll be lucky to survive.

Please remember:
1. Review copies are available as ebook copies only. Naturally ebook review copies are available US/Canada and internationally.
2. Due to Larissa’s writing commitments the only two options will be review and/or interview. There will be no guest blogs. If you choose “interview” you will be responsible for providing interview questions.
3. Please indicate your preferred day. However please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate your selected day. However, we will try our best.

Please fill in this form to register your interest for this tour.  If you have any questions please leave a comment or email us.

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Last Diner Standing by Terri L Austin


LAST DINER STANDINGLast Diner Standing by Terri L Austin is the second book in the “Rose Strickland” mystery series. Publisher: Henery Press, December 2012

Rose Strickland is having a blue Christmas. Her friend is arrested for attempted murder, her sexy bad guy crush is marked by a hit man, and her boss is locked in an epic smackdown with a rival diner. Determined to save those she loves, Rose embarks on an investigation more tangled than a box of last year’s tree lights. With her eclectic gang at the ready, Rose stumbles across dead bodies, ex-cons, chop shops, jealous girlfriends, jilted lovers, and a gaggle of strippers in a battle for freedom she might not survive.

OMG! There’s no sophomore slump here in the second book starring spitfire Rose Strickland. When her friend is jailed, Rose knowing she is innocent sets out on a course using any means necessary to free her friend including breaking and entering and allying herself with a person of nefarious distinction.

This fast-paced and action-filled story kept me plowing through the pages as fast as I could because I had to know what happens next in this thrilling and riveting drama. When the chips are down, Rose is there and I was rooting for her as she took on everything thrown at her to help her friend. This is a great read and I’m looking forward to the next book with Rose and her friends in this terrific series.


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Diners, Dives, and Dead Ends by Terri L. Austin


DINERS, DIVES & DEAD ENDSRose Strickland left the expensive, all-girl college her parents picked out for her and is now making her own way as a diner waitress and part-time local college student.  Her friends – Axton, the stoner computer geek, Roxy, fellow waitress, former juvenile delinquent, and fashion pioneer, Janelle, single mom and fellow student, and Ma, the owner of the diner – may not impress her country club parents, but they’re loyal and help her out any way they can.  Though she doesn’t waste any time describing herself, she must be very attractive as 5 different men are madly in love with her.  Otherwise, she’s tenacious, scrappy, sassy, self-aware, and just all kinds of awesome.  In this first of a series, a very nervous Axton leaves his backpack with Rose for safekeeping and then disappears, and Rose does all sorts of risky things to find him.

I’m getting awfully close to being unable to say, “I don’t read mysteries,”  since I keep reading and writing positive reviews for them.   I suppose what I really mean is, “I don’t read John Grisham, James Patterson, serial killer books, or any sort of military based thriller.”  But that takes an awful lot longer to say.  I like old fashioned whodunit structure with quirky characters and realistic dialogue.  This one definitely fits into that category. [Read more...]

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Small Press Reviewing the Independents by Betty Webb



Belly laughs are all over the place in Larissa Reinhart’s riotous Portrait of aDead Guy (Henery Press, $14.95). Set in a small Georgia town, local artist Cherry Tucker finds herself easel-deep in a murder case when she is commissioned to paint a “coffin portrait” of Dustin Branson, a young man who’s been murdered in the full bloom of his criminal career. Like many artists, Cherry lives in near-penury, so when she finds out anotherartist is trying to hijack her commission, she breaks into the funeral home to finish the dead man’s portrait first— thus getting the jump on the competition. Instead, she’s caught breaking and entering, and the county sheriff—her uncle—is faced with the prospect of arresting his favorite niece.

The tonPORTRAIT OF A DEAD GUYe of this marvelously cracked book is not unlike Sophie Littlefield’s brilliant A Bad Day for Sorry, as author Reinhart dishes out shovelfuls of ribald humor and mayhem.  It takes a rare talent to successfully portray a beer-and-hormone-addled artist as a sympathetic and worthy heroine, but Reinhart pulls it off with tongue-in-cheek panache. Cherry is a loveable riot, whether drooling over the town’s hunky males, defending her dysfunctional family’s honor, or snooping around murder scenes. Southerners (and I am one) know that funerals are often attended by feuding clans and that emotions can run riot. Reinhart upholds that fine old Southern tradition in the funniest scene in a very funny book when a brawl breaks out at Dustin’s memorial service, and the dearly departed is knocked out of his casket to land…. Oh, well, better not give away too much.

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Mystery We Write Tour: Larissa Reinhart

Larissa Reinhart began her writing career in second grade when she sold her first publication to a neighbor for a nickel. After moving around the Midwest, Japan, and the South, she now lives in Georgia with her husband, daughters, and Biscuit, a Cairn Terrier. She loves small town characters with big attitudes, particularly sassy women with a penchant for trouble. Portrait of a Dead Guy is a 2012 Daphne du Maurier finalist, a 2012 The Emily finalist and a 2011 Dixie Kane Memorial winner. For more about Larissa, check out her blog [Read more...]

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