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 Book Review: Kendel Lynn’s Board Stiff

BOARD STIFFTitle: Board Stiff
Series: Elliott Lisbon Mystery #1
Rating: ★★★★★
My Copy:

Elliott Lisbon is the Director of the Ballantyne Foundation and is working on her private investigator license. She conducts discreet inquires on behalf of the Foundation and when a board member, Leo Hirschorn, is found murdered, the Foundation’s benefactor specifically asks for Elliott’s assistance. She agrees, but then realizes that means trying to clear another board member’s name, Jane Walcott Hatting, and there’s no love lost between her and Jane. Elliott recognizes her investigation would be easier if the new Lieutenant, Nick Ransom, would take her seriously, but she understands that may never happen. After all, he’s her ex-boyfriend who ended things suddenly and quickly walked out of her life. Will Elliott solve Leo’s murder without Nick’s assistance or will she realize the culprit is who the police suspect?

Can I take a moment to talk about Nick? He’s sexy and sparks fly when he’s with Elliott, but he’s also very protective of her. There’s a scene with Elliott and an interview with a hotel manager and your heart breaks for Elliott when she realizes what Nick did; however, at the same time you can’t help but appreciate that Nick wants to protect her. I loved Elliott! She’s intelligent and isn’t afraid to take matters into her own hands. Elliott is a strong woman and it’s clear that everyone in Sea Pines loves her and there’s a reason. As the director of the Foundation, she’s hands on and is involved with all aspects of charity fundraising and since Sea Pines is a wealthy resort, she knows the people and area. [Read more...]

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Murder(s) She Wrote

Richmond author LynDee Walker’s humorous thriller turns heads

 arts_culture2-1Who but a journalist could stroll along the leafy streets of the Fan and the lazy banks of the James River and see nothing but high-level crime rings and half a dozen bodies hidden in the shadows?

For LynDee Walker, a Texas-bred reporter turned fiction writer who lives in Richmond with her family, those thoughts are all in a day’s work. Walker’s recently released light thriller, “Front Page Fatality,” portrays Richmond caught in a web of intrigue, which hungry young journalist Nichelle Clarke is eager to untangle before she gets ensnared.

Since its late-January release, “Front Page Fatality” — the first of three books and a novella contracted by Texas publisher Henery Press — has caused a stir, shooting to a peak of No. 1 on Amazon’s new-humor list, fifth on its humor list, and 10th on its mystery list. No one is more shocked than Walker. [Read more...]

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Wearing a Mask? You’re Not the Only One

MALICIOUS MASQUERADE giveawayI like stories where no one is who they seem, probably because these stories reflect the nature of my own soul, of humanity. As Donald Miller writes in Blue Like Jazz, “The problem is not out there; the problem is the needy beast of a thing that lives in my chest.”

It is indeed a personal problem, widespread and universal. We struggle against it every day as we try to find truth in the details of our lives. Almost all art forms, throughout all of history, reflect this struggle. [Read more...]

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Lifetime of Little Things

Posted by Sherry Isaac on Mar 22, 2013 in Friends on Friday

Alan-Cupp-HS-199x300Alan Cupp loves to create and entertain, always anticipating his next creative endeavor. In addition to writing fiction, Alan enjoys acting, music, travel, and playing sports. His life’s motto is, “It’s better to wear out than rust out.” He values time spent with his beautiful wife and their two sons. Keep up with Alan on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter. Information on Alan’s new release, Malicious Masquerade, can be found at Henery Press. [Read more...]

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Shrimp, Grits and Murder

by Chef John Malik

Are you looking for a clever murder mystery? One with a unique sense of place and enough quirky characters to make the cast of The Big Bang Theory take notice? Can you deal with a ghost as a central character? And I don’t mean a ghost in the traditional sense, one that fades in and out on a whisper and holds the same mass as the aromatic vapors of a warm chicken pot pie. Nope. This ghost comes and goes when summoned, holds conversations with a dear friend and plays an integral part in a tightly knit crime drama. If you can let yourself go long enough to enjoy the preposterousness of the ghost of a 17 -year-old sworn to protect the fictional island of Stella Maris, just north of Charleston, S.C., then you’re going to love Lowcountry Boil, the debut novel of Susan M. Boyer. [Read more...]

Hen House Holiday Sale!!

Ho Ho Ho!  It’s a Hen House Holiday Sale on the entire Henery Press Mystery Collection thru Jan. 13th.


Save up to 80%, so load up that kindle or nook little chickens…


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An ebook enigma: here one day, gone the next by Linda Morris

BUYERS of ebooks may have no greater legal rights than ”tenant farmers” it has emerged following the case of a Kindle user whose digital library was wiped by Amazon.

The fine print in online agreements inserted at the behest of publishers to protect authors’ copyright, licences readers to the digital files but does not grant ”tangible” ownership, as with any hard-copy book.

These conditional ebook licences are policed and can be revoked at the discretion of the ebook retailer, as a Norwegian Kindle customer discovered when in October they allegedly violated Amazon’s terms and conditions and had their digital library deleted, then reinstated.

Additionally readers are physically prevented from transferring content to friends and immediate family, or between devices, by encryption software called Digital Rights Management, devised to protect a creator’s copyright from piracy and prevent buyers from on-selling the digital file for profit. [Read more...]

Blogroll: Kobo Launches in South Africa

Kobo takes eReading to New Continent—
World-Class Platform now Available to South African Consumers


Award-winning Kobo Touch eReader now on sale at Pick n Pay in-store and online for only R995 Toronto, Canada – October 30, 2012 – Kobo, a global leader in eReading, today announced a partnership with Pick n Pay, one of South Africa’s largest and most successful retailers. This partnership brings the world-class Kobo eReading platform to people in South Africa with the award-winning Kobo Touch™ eReader, one of the largest content catalogues in the world, and a localized online customer experience.  The Kobo website offers popular literature by notable local authors and books in both English and Afrikaans—available at

The award-winning Kobo Touch, named Wired Magazine’s 2012 Editor’s Pick for Best eReader, is now available for sale at select Pick n Pay Hyper stores and Supermarkets as well as online at for the low introductory price of R995. In addition, customers can earn Pick n Pay Smart Shopper points when they buy the Kobo Touch. [Read more...]


Changes for retailers as retailers as ebook revolution moves abroad by Laura Hazard Owen

As international publishers and booksellers gather at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, one big question is this – what will transition to digital reading look like outside the United States?

At the Publishers Launch conference here on Monday, retailers discussed what they are seeing so far…

Windows to new markets

Barnes & Noble is quickly expanding its library of global digital content. The company is being “very aggressive” about expanding its offerings and “shaking that content from the trees internationally”, VP of digital content Theresa Horner said.

And she said Barnes & Noble’s partnership with Microsoft, which spins off B&N’s Nook and college businesses into a separate company called Nook Media, gets ebooks to more international readers. “The Windows 8 partnership allows us to be in markets where we can’t get our own device there,” Horner said. “It removes hurdles to us setting up storefronts.” [Read more...]


A new month, a new partnership – Ciao, Italy!  by Sharon Fernandes on October 1, 2012

In early July we announced that Kobo was partnering with Italy’s leading retailer and publisher of books and magazines, the Mondadori Group. To start the month off with a bang Kobo is excited to announce our award winning Kobo Touch™ will be available at Mondadori stores and online as of tomorrow!

The Mondadori Group has most extensive network of bookshops and one of the largest online media stores in Italy. We’re excited to make that even larger with our library of eBooks! Italian readers will have access to Kobo’s library of 3 million titles directly on their Kobo eReader or through

Mondadori is excited to have the Kobo Touch in their network to distribute eReading content. They believe the Kobo Touch will compliment and strengthen their editorial resources, chain of bookshops and online services. Mondadori realizes that technology is changing and the way content is consumed by readers needs to be through multiple channels, both physical and online. Partnering with Kobo was a move to keep up with consumers needs,  provide Italian readers with new and exciting content as well as experience Kobo’s devices and the social activities they offer.  Maurizio Costa, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive of the Mondadori Group believes that the Kobo Touch will bring “content to an even wider audience”

Kobo is equally excited to welcome Italian readers to our community. Kobo CEO Mike Serbinis believes “through our partnership with Mondadori, we are offering the Italian consumer a new and truly exciting way to read.” [Read more...]

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